Waiting List

Add Your Child to Our Waiting List

Being the only Montessori preschool on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we have a very long waiting list. Because of this, it is recommended that you get your child on the list as early as possible.  Many people put their child on the waiting list when they are pregnant.

No child will be enrolled without being on the waiting list.  Even church members and siblings must be put on the waiting list.  If you are interested in a Montessori education for your preschooler, we recommend that you put your child on the waiting list – even if you are undecided – you will always have the opportunity to decline if you make other plans.

Priority enrollment is given to children who have a sibling currently enrolled at the Children’s House, followed by children of First Presbyterian Church members and places remaining are filled from the general waiting list.

To put your child on the waiting list, please fill out and submit the form below.  A teacher from the Children’s House Montessori School will contact you via phone or e-mail.

Children's House Waiting List